Excel BI for Enterprises (Course)

Excel is more than a spreadsheet—it is a great tool for exploring, preparing, and analysing corporate data. It is easy to make enterprise-grade dashboards in Excel, and to share them with others, even on mobile devices, especially with Office 365, Power BI, SharePoint, or OneDrive—learn with us how to do it.

This short course is aimed at corporate users who need to query cubes of data. We introduce the basic concepts, including: measures, attributes, dimensions and hierarchies, and we show you how to select, filter, sort and rank your data in Excel. Understanding this will enable you to create beautiful reports and dashboards, and to make the best use of your enterprise data models.

The first module, How to Make Enterprise Dashboards in Excel is free! The remaining ones require a Full Access Membership.

Course Modules

  1. How to Make Enterprise Dashboards in Excel 30-min Free!
  2. Excel BI: Basic Concepts 30-min
  3. Selecting, Filtering, and Sorting Data in Excel 50-min

Recommended Power BI Modules

  1. What is Microsoft Power BI? 15-min Free!
  2. Introducing Microsoft Power BI 1-hour 10-min
  3. What is Power Query? 10-min Free!
  4. Power Query Fundamentals 35-min
  5. What is Microsoft Power View? 10-min Free!
  6. Power View in Depth 50-min

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