Project Botticelli

Supported Browsers

We aim to support all recent versions of common browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Safari, on reasonably recent versions of common operating systems and mobile devices. Everything works natively, without plug-ins. We no longer support Flash. Unusual device/browser combinations are unlikely to work.

Some corporate firewalls have policies preventing video streaming. Please try connecting from a diferent location or by using a different browser if in doubt.

Minor issues:

  • If you see “Your browser was unable to play this video”“Unknown playback error”, or iOS does not start playing, and your browser/device is supported (see table below) then the usual culprit is a stale authentication cookie. Try clearing your cookies/cache, and restart the browser. You can also try incognito mode. If you use a cookie manager, make sure to clear them there, too. If it still does not work, please try another browser first, then contact us.
  • If you see “Your browser was unable to play this video” when using Firefox on Windows 7, please disable Flash, which causes this issue.

Not working:

  • Internet Explorer up to v11 does not work—please use Microsoft Edge (also called IE12+, currently v16), Firefox, or Chrome, instead. It is unlikely we will fully support older IE (≤11) as it has been deprecated by Microsoft.
  • Ubuntu with Firefox—unfortunately, the codec is not advanced enough for our modern stream. Firefox might upgrade their Ubuntu codec in the future. Please use Chrome or Chromium 64 with Ubuntu 16.04.
  • Opera (recent versions) generally works, but Opera Mini does not.

Device compatibility test results (February 2018)

As there are hundreds of ever-changing combinations of possible platforms, we test them only from time to time. The table below shows latest results. Numbers show the versions that passed—a newer browser should be OK. Green works and is supported by us. Blue works but without support. Red does not. If your favourite combination is not listed, contact us, please, and we will try to help.


OS Microsoft Firefox Chrome Safari
Windows 10 E16, E15, E14 58 64  
Windows 8.1 IE11 58 64  
Windows 8 IE10 58 64  
Windows 7 IE11, IE10 58 without Flash 64  
macOS High Sierra   58 64 11
macOS Sierra      58 64 10.1
OS X El Capitan   58 64 9.1
OS X Yosemite   58 64 8
Ubuntu 16.04   58 64 + Chromium  
FreeBSD 12/TrueOS   57 Quantum 61 Chromium  


11 10 9.3 8.3
iPad Pro 2
iPad Pro
iPad Pro
iPad Mini 2
iPad 5th
iPhone 7 Plus
iPad Air 2
iPad Air 
iPhone X
iPhone 7
iPad Mini 4
iPhone 6
iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone SE
iPhone 6S  
iPhone 8      


We have successfully tested a sample of the most popular tablets and phones running Android versions 4.4, 5.1, 7.1, and 8.0, using the Chrome browser. Please contact us if you have any difficulties so that we can help.