Data Mining (Course)

Learn Data Mining with us! 9 modules with 8 hours of in-depth learning, jam-packed with hi-def demos. You will study: Cases, Models, Mining Algorithms, Model Training, Holdout, Testing Model Validity, Predictive Use and Model Scoring, Decision Trees, Clustering, Association Rules, Market Basket Analysis, and more.

Four videos, Introduction to Data Mining, What Are Decision Trees, Why Cluster and Segment Data, and What is Market Basket Analysis? are free! The remaining ones require a Full Access Membership, which will also give you access to download our educational data set, Happy Cars, so that you can practice the demos on your own.

Course Modules

  1. Introduction to Data Mining with Microsoft SQL Server 20-min Free!
  2. Data Mining Concepts and Tools 50-min
  3. Data Mining Model Building, Testing and Predicting with Microsoft SQL Server and Excel (1-hour 20-min)
  4. What Are Decision Trees? 10-min Free!
  5. Decision Trees in Depth 1-hour 50-min
  6. Why Cluster and Segment Data? 9-min Free!
  7. Clustering in Depth 1-hour 50-min
  8. What is Market Basket Analysis? 10-min Free!
  9. Association Rules in Depth 1-hour 30-min
  10. HappyCars Sample Data Set for Learning Data Mining

Find out more about each module by clicking on the links, and review the chapters.