MDX: Multidimensional Expressions (Course)

Multidimensional Expressions (MDX), the original language of Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services cubes, is the standard for OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) calculation design, cube querying, and reporting. It is not difficult to learn. Let Chris Webb, world’s undisputed authority on MDX explain teach it to you. Start by watching the free! modules, and become a Full Access Members to watch the rest: over 6 hours of video, nearly a hundred demos in this course alone, and the related, SSAS Cube Design course.

Course Modules

  1. MDX Basic Concepts 30-min Free!
  2. MDX Queries 25-min Free!
  3. Calculated Members 50-min
  4. Member and Set Functions 30-min
  5. What is the MDX Current Member Function? 5-min Free!
  6. MDX Numeric Functions and CURRENTMEMBER 35-min
  7. MDX: Previous Period Growths, Shares & Moving Averages 35-min
  8. More MDX Member & Set Functions 1-hour 35-min
  9. What is a Subselect in MDX? 4-min Free!
  10. Exists, MDX Solve Order, and Subselects 50-min
  11. MDX Performance Diagnosis with Profiler 30-min

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Suresh · 27 June 2014

Excellent series! Chris makes learning MDX so easy by starting with basics and then go deep into complex queries. I would be nice if AdventureWorks SSAS project is made available for paid subscribers to run/test queries against. Of course, one needs AdventureWorksDW2012 database (available from Microsoft) installed as well.

Chris Webb · 29 June 2014

Hi Suresh,

You can download the Adventure Works SSAS project here: - it’s one of Microsoft’s own samples, not something I have created.


Suresh · 7 July 2014

Perfect! Thank you very much.