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Power BI Reports (2018 Updates) Purchase this course

21 December 2018 · 127 views

Power BI Course

Power BI Reports

This video covers new features in Power BI that have been released during 2018 and that are relevant to Power BI report design.

Several new features have been released that allow you to change the colours and styles in your report. Most significantly, the grey bar on top of visuals can now be turned off. Other new features in this area include the ability to change your Wallpaper (the area behind your report); theme files, which allow you to apply a consistent colour scheme and and other styling options to your report by default; and the Selection Pane, which allows you to control the z-order of overlapping visuals on a page.

There are many new features that allow you to control how filtering and slicing of data takes place. We can now synchronise slicers across multiple report pages; we can allow end users to click on a visual and drillthrough to another report page, carrying current selection onto that new page; we can make a small report page appear as a tooltip; and we can apply conditional formatting to certain visuals such as tables and matrixes.

Bookmarks are a data storytelling feature that allow you to turn a report into something like a PowerPoint presentation by saving the state of a report—what is selected in a filter or a slicer, which page is visible, which visuals are visible and so on—at various points. Bookmarks are also useful because they can be linked to buttons and be used to implement more advanced report behaviour, such as allowing the end user to switch between different selections or visuals by clicking a button.

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