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Sharing, Distribution, and Security Purchase this course

21 December 2018 · 89 views

Power BI Course

Sharing, Distribution, and Security

This video shows different ways to share and secure Power BI reports. All reports that you would like to make viewable by other Power BI users need to be published  to the Power BI cloud service. When you publish a report you have to publish it to a workspace: this can be a user’s private workspace, called “My Workspace”, or an App Workspace. Publishing important content to “My Workspace” is not recommended because it will be deleted, and all of the content in it lost, when a user leaves the organisation.

App Workspaces are intended as areas where users can collaborate on the creation of reports and dashboards. Different permissions can be set for different users in an App Workspace, and there are different ways of adding users to an App Workspace either as individual users or via groups. When you create App Workspaces you should have a policy on how they are organised: for example you could have one per department, or per team.

You can share reports and dashboards in an App Workspace with users who are not members of the App Workspace in two ways. You can use the Share button, although this can be hard to manage. Alternatively you can publish an App, which is a much better option for distributing content to a large number of people.

The Publish To Web feature allows you to publish a report to the public Internet. It is not intended as a way to publish sensitive data to organisational users. If you want to share sensitive data to external users you can use Power BI integration with Azure B2B.

Finally, row-level security allows you to control what data in a dataset is available to specific users, meaning that different users of the same report would see different data in that report.

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