Project Botticelli

About Project Botticelli Ltd

Project Botticelli is Data Science.

We specialise in data and knowledge mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence, predictive, statistical, and advanced analytics.

We deliver world-class, liveĀ classroom training focused on ML and data science.

Our mission is to harness knowledge, passion, and our ability to deliver complexity as simply as possible, in order to serve the needs of busy professionals adamant on learning from the best in the industry.

We consult business and enterprise clients with results that include a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We can help you scope and deliver projects, mentor and train your team and provide presentations at your conferences that literally move an audience.

We provide cutting edge intensive knowledge transfer, pragmatic advice, whilst delivering real results, such as production-ready predictive models.

We speak at the world’s most prestigious IT events. Rafal Lukawiecki, company founder, has been recognised as one of the world’s leading technical speakers having won the overall Best Conference Speaker award 43 times, whilst scoring the overall win in 6 consecutive years at Microsoft TechEd, a record not held by anyone else.

Explore Data Science with us.