Project Botticelli

Self-paced Video Courses

Table of Contents

Table of content (right and below) is organised by topic. Courses group content into recommended learning paths. We also provide classroom-based training and consulting.  Visit our sister site Tecflix for subscriptions.

  1. What is Artificial Intelligence? 19-minFree
  2. What is Artificial Stupidity? 27-minFree
  3. The Future of AI—How to Avoid Artificial Stupidity 1-hour 13-min
  4. The Future of Power BI 20-min
  5. Machine Learning for Security Applications: Why? 26-minFree
  6. Machine Learning for IT Security: From ML to Security AI 42-min
  7. Next Year in Machine Learning, Data Science, AI and BI 40-minFree
  8. Microsoft Machine Learning Technologies: View Towards 2020 1-hour 26-min
  1. Power BI New Features and Course Updates 1-minFree
  2. What is Power BI? 59-minFree
  3. Licensing 8-min
  4. Connecting to Data Sources 42-min
  5. Connecting to Data Sources (2018 Updates) 23-min
  6. Data Import Concepts 55-min
  7. Transforming Data with the Query Editor 1-hour 20-min
  8. Transforming Data with the Query Editor (2018 Updates) 13-min
  9. Advanced Data Loading 49-min
  10. Modelling Data 1-hour 10-min
  11. Modelling Data (2018 Updates) 14-min
  12. DAX and the Data Model 31-min
  13. DAX and the Data Model (2018 Updates) 10-min
  14. Power BI Desktop vs Excel 37-min
  15. Cloud and Desktop Power BI Dashboards and Reports 45-min
  16. Power BI Reports (2018 Updates) 40-min
  17. Building Reports in Excel 32-min
  18. Sharing, Distribution, and Security 42-min
  19. Data Refresh 8-minFree
  20. Administration and Auditing 11-minFree
  21. Azure Analysis Services 1-hour 3-min
  22. Power BI Premium and Power BI Embedded 36-minFree
  1. Introduction to DAX 1-hour 1-minFree
  2. Table Functions 32-min
  3. Evaluation Contexts 42-min
  4. CALCULATE Function 32-min
  5. Evaluation Contexts and Relationships 1-hour 8-min
  6. Building a Date Table 19-min
  7. Working with Iterators 36-min
  8. Time Intelligence in DAX 56-min
  9. Querying with DAX 1-hour 9-min
  10. Hierarchies in DAX 28-min
  11. Advanced Relationships 1-hour 14-min
  12. Lab Exercise Files and Presentation PDF
  1. Introduction to Data Mining with Microsoft SQL Server 24-minFree
  2. Data Mining Concepts and Tools 50-min
  3. Data Mining Model Building, Testing and Predicting with Microsoft SQL Server and Excel 1-hour 20-min
  4. What Are Decision Trees? 10-minFree
  5. Decision Trees in Depth 1-hour 54-min
  6. Why Cluster and Segment Data? 9-minFree
  7. Clustering in Depth 1-hour 50-min
  8. What is Market Basket Analysis? 10-minFree
  9. Association Rules in Depth 1-hour 35-min
  10. HappyCars Sample Data Set for Learning Data Mining
  11. Code and Data Samples (R, R Services, SSAS) Free
  1. MDX Basic Concepts 28-minFree
  2. MDX Queries 24-minFree
  3. MDX Calculated Members 52-min
  4. MDX: Member and Set Functions 38-min
  5. What is the MDX Current Member Function? 5-minFree
  6. MDX Numeric Functions and CURRENTMEMBER 33-min
  7. MDX: Previous Period Growths, Shares & Moving Averages 38-min
  8. More MDX Member & Set Functions 1-hour 37-min
  9. What is a Subselect in MDX? 3-minFree
  10. Exists, MDX Solve Order, and Subselects 49-min
  11. MDX Performance Diagnosis with Profiler 29-min
  1. Using the Deployment Wizard 5-minFree
  2. Using SQL Server Data Tools-BI 40-min
  3. Designing Dimensions 1-hour 4-min
  4. Cubes, Measures and Measure Groups 1-hour 10-min
  5. Cube Security 30-min
  6. Cube Deployment, Processing and Admin 36-min
  7. Aggregations & Cube Performance 57-min
  1. Data Science for Business 36-minFree
  2. Data Science Concepts: Cases and Statistics 1-hour 4-min
  3. Data Science Concepts: Machine Learning and Models 52-min
  4. What is Azure ML Classic? 10-minFree
  5. Introduction to Azure ML Classic 1-hour 42-min
  6. HappyCars Sample Data Set for Learning Data Mining
  1. How to Make Enterprise Dashboards in Excel 29-minFree
  2. Excel BI: Basic Concepts 34-min
  3. Selecting, Filtering, and Sorting Data in Excel 47-min
  1. What is Microsoft Power BI? 14-minFree
  2. Introducing Microsoft Power BI 1-hour 11-min
  3. Irish Economic Crisis Visualised in Power BI 43-minFree
  4. What is Power Query? 12-minFree
  5. Power Query Fundamentals 37-min
  6. What is Microsoft Power View? 10-minFree
  7. Power View in Depth 50-min
  8. Data Model for Irish Economic Crisis Video
  9. Power View Excel Demo Worksheet
  1. What is Power BI? 1-hour 4-minFree
  2. Connecting to Data Sources 42-min
  3. Data Import Concepts 55-min
  4. Transforming Data with the Query Editor 1-hour 20-min
  5. Advanced Data Loading 49-min
  6. Modelling Data 1-hour 10-min
  7. DAX and the Data Model 31-min
  8. Power BI Desktop vs Excel 37-min
  9. Cloud and Desktop Power BI Dashboards and Reports 45-min
  10. Building Reports in Excel 32-min
  11. Data Refresh 8-minFree
  12. Administration and Auditing 11-minFree
  1. DAX in Action! 19-minFree
  2. DAX: Calculated Columns vs. Measures 11-minFree
  3. Introduction to DAX in Excel 37-min
  4. DAX Evaluation Context 51-min
  5. DAX: The CALCULATE Function 47-min
  6. Querying with DAX 46-min
  7. What is Time Intelligence? 2-minFree
  8. DAX Time Intelligence 1-hour
  9. Many-to-many Relationships in DAX 3-minFree
  10. DAX Patterns: Banding, New vs Old, Many-to-many 51-min
  11. How to Calculate with Hierarchies in DAX? 1-minFree
  12. Hierarchies in DAX 54-min
  13. DAX AW Sample Data Set
  1. Microsoft Business Analytics with Office 2013, SharePoint 2013 and SQL Server 2012 1-hour 19-min
  2. Introduction to SQL Server 2012 Business Intelligence (Video) 42-min
  3. Introduction to PowerPivot for SQL Server 2012 1-hour 4-min
  4. Introduction to Power View in SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services 1-hour 13-min
  5. Introduction to BI Semantic Model & SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services 1-hour 19-min