Project Botticelli


We consult on and we deliver business intelligence and advanced analytics projects: data mining, machine learning, statistical analysis, data architecture and BI platform design, tabular, multidimensional and predictive modeling and reporting. Our clients range across industries, service, public, and government sectors.


Rafal Lukawiecki

Rafal Lukawiecki focuses on data science and statistics, advanced analytics, data mining, machine learning, and AI. Rafal has been building and deploying predictive models for over a decade, and he also designs enterprise architectures for analytics.

Carmel GunnBob Duffy

Carmel Gunn and Bob Duffy, from Prodata, specialise in designing high-performance SQL Server data warehouses and transactional systems. They also manage their daily operations and provide structured support.

Chris Webb

Chris Webb, used to work for Crossjoin Consulting, during which time he has recorded a few of our most popular video courses which are now available from our sister company, He is an expert in multidimensional (OLAP) cubes, MDX, Power Query, and all things SSAS. Recently, Chris joined Microsoft, where he uses his tremendous experience to help deliver Power BI to the world. Chis publishes a very popular BI blog, don’t miss it.

Alberto FerrariMarco Russo

Alberto Ferrari and Marco Russo, from SQL BI, focus on tabular analysis, SSAS, DAX and Power BI. They plan and implement modern BI architectures, and bring analytical accuracy to complex tabular databases.

We all offer our services through our own companies, and we are available to work together on larger projects as a team.

Quick-start Workshops

Do you need to kick-off a project in an area that is new to you, such as machine learning? A 3-day advanced analytics workshop, delivered remotely or on your premises, will bring your team up to speed on data science, evaluate your data, build an early model, and enable you to decide how to take it further. These popular workshops are offered at a fixed price, please contact us.