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Project Botticelli Welcomes Tecflix!

1 November 2020 · 370 views

Today is the Day

After over a year of work and a lot of support from our friends at Oxford Computer Training, SQLBI, and Prodata, and personally also from Chris Webb, I am happy to announce that we have launched in the early hours of today!

Tecflix is a new, online, self-paced video training platform. By separating that part of Project Botticelli business into its own company I hope we will have a good chance to offer our students a better, cleaner, and even more focused, distraction-free learning experience. At the same time, Project Botticelli can continue its data science consulting role and offer my live classroom machine learning courses.

Initially, this means that we will no longer promote our video-based online courses on Project Botticelli. Many of the courses have already been moved to However, if you have an account on, either a free or a paid one, you can continue learning and watching everything just like before. All the videos are fully available once you log-in.

Having said that, we think you will enjoy the modern experience: the video quality is great and the whole site design is conducive to learning. We plan on investing in it for the foreseeable future, too. We will be contacting all of our subscribers with a very good offer to make your transition attractive and easy.

Eventually, we will close down the video-based learning side of Project Botticelli Ltd. It has been a good 9 years, but it is time to give this idea a new place to grow.

Happy Birthday, Tecflix!