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New BI Content (Dec 2013)

MDX with Chris Webb, DAX with Marco Russo

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DAX Hierarchies

Marco Russo explains parent-child hierarchies

Hierarchies, including parent-child ones, can be created using a combination of a few DAX formulas and a data model in Power Pivot or SSAS Tabular. Marco Russo, BI expert from, introduces them in How to Calculate with Hierarchies in DAX? short video, and explains them in full in Hierarchies in DAXWell-implemented hierarchies can greatly enhance navigation and usability, and they help you implement important calculations, such as ratio-to-parent measures. Learn how to implement their calculation logic by watching Marco's newest, demo-rich tutorials, part of a pretty-complete online DAX course. You know you need some DAX...

Learn MDX with Chris Webb

Chris Webb talks about set and member MDX functions

I am very pleased that Chris Webb, the leading authority on Multidimensional Expressions from Technitrain, has kindly recorded a series of videos for his new MDX online course for us. Following on from last year's short introduction, we have just added three new modules, making a total of four as of today: MDX Basics ConceptsMDX QueriesMDX Calculated Members, and Member and Set Functions. The first two are free, but for the remaining ones, and the five more, coming in January and the following months, you need to be a Full Access Member.

MDX is the language of OLAP cubes and of multidimensional SQL Server Analysis Services. Honestly, if have ever wanted to learn MDX, but you thought it was hard, now is your best chance: Chris makes it very easy, and a real pleasure to watch, listen, and learn. Go on, learn MDX this Christmas, Festivus (my favourite), Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or just in December, if you happen not to subscribe to a formal celebration at this time.

Power BI at SharePoint Conferences and BA Roadshow 2014

I will be speaking at both the US SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas (2–6 March) and the European one in Barcelona (5–8 May) where I present a full-day pre-conference focused on Power BI, and a breakout on a very exciting topic, a new Microsoft technology, which I am not allowed to divulge yet. You can find out the full agenda of the preconference here. I will be also delivering the 7th annual Microsoft Business Analytics Roadshow across Europe starting in late January. I will let you know the exact dates in the next newsletter and in our news section. We've big plans for our learning services in 2014, with new ways to study with us, new content, and new authors. I'll tell you later.

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Joyful time everyone, rest well, thank you for your kind support, and see you next year.


Rafal Lukawiecki, Strategic Consultant and Director, Project Botticelli Ltd

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