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New BI Content (Nov 2013)

Excel BI, Common DAX Patterns

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Selecting, Filtering, and Sorting Data in Excel

Carmel Gunn shows manual data sorting in Excel

There are many ways to select data in Excel: basic and advanced filtering, range selections, pivot table filtering, date and context filtering, sorting, ranking, grouping, slicing (including timelines), creating user-defined sets, and advanced data navigation. If you want to do things faster and better in Excel, make sure you become proficient with all the different ways of selecting data by watching Selecting, Filtering, and Sorting Data in Excel, our in-depth, 48-minute video tutorial by Carmel Gunn, Data Specialist from Prodata, and follow her many hands-on demos. This is Carmel's third video in her new series on Enterprise Excel BI.

DAX Patterns: Banding, New vs Old, Many-to-many

Alberto Ferrari explains Many-to-many relationships in DAX

We have just published two new videos by Alberto Ferrari, world-renowned BI and DAX expert from They teach you about three critically important patterns in DAX: banding (eg. prices), new-vs-old computation (eg. sales to new vs returning customers), and the all-important concept of working with many-to-many relationships. Start with the first, short 3-minute video, Many-to-many Relationships in DAX if you have ever wondered about the correct way to use a many-to-many relationship with a bridge table, which is not an obvious task, because of the way in which DAX handles filter context propagation

Alberto shows a formula that deals with many-to-many by using CALCULATE

However, to learn it all, follow up with his in-depth, 50-minute DAX Patterns: Banding, New vs Old, Many-to-many video, in which he not only explains those three patterns in detail, but he also talks about the performance of the various approaches, and their relative complexity. If you have just signed-up with us, have a look at our DAX online course, which is pretty extensive with 10 tutorials and over 6 hours of high-quality content, and it is growing all the time, as Alberto, and his esteemed colleague, Marco Russo, add new modules.

PASS SQLRally Amsterdam

I had the pleasure of presenting two sessions at PASS SQLRally in Amsterdam earlier this month. My opening keynote discussed the future of cloud-based analytics, and I have focused on the interesting, new opportunities that these technologies present during the otherwise somewhat messy transition years, from an on-premise reality towards the VM-less, cloud OS of the future. The rest of this, and the best part of the next decade will be spent under the hybrid cloud monicker, so if you are currently thinking how to connect the two worlds, or where to keep the data and if you should even consider moving the compute or presentation logic to either, have a look at the PPTs from my keynote, which I have already uploaded here, while we wait for the videos to be published by the event organisers. By the way, my other presentation covered Data Mining with SQL Server, and I was amazed to see how many people were interested in the subject. Predictive analytics is, at last, becoming very popular.

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Rafal Lukawiecki, Strategic Consultant and Director, Project Botticelli Ltd

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