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Data Science with Azure ML & Power BI

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Power BI Course

Data science & Azure ML Course


Power BI Course

Rafal shows Power BI Q&A natural language yet graphical queries

Start with the short 15-min video showing how Excel and Power BI make advanced analytics fast, visually pleasing—and easy, by understanding human questions about your data. You will even see it work on an iPad!

Rafal explains the role of modern Excel and Power BI components

Then, let Rafal introduce all the key components of Microsoft Power BI in this in-depth, demo-rich 1-hour 15-minute video. You will learn about the Power BI Sites and the amazing Q&A for natural language queries, and also about the cornerstone of this technology: Power Query, Power Pivot, Power View, and Power Map in Excel.

Chris Webb shows the Power Query query editor

When you had enough of me, follow the 15-minute video by Chris Webb which introduces his newest speciality, Microsoft Power Query, and its key functionality: data extraction from different sources, cleansing, transformation, aggregation, and loading of the results. After that, head over for fundamentals of Power Query: connecting, transforming, and loading of the results, in Chris's detailed, demo-driven, hands-on 45-minute video, which focuses on the Query Editor in Power Query.

Data Science and Azure ML

Rafal discusses the three phases of a data science project

Why should you care about data science? I have specialised in this discipline, under its various names, for over a decade—indeed, I have studied its early form in 90's when my Alma Mater, Imperial College in London, called it Foundations of Advanced Information Technology. Let me explain how it can help you improve your business, understand your customers and products, make your employees happier, and your own job even more satisfying, in this 34-minute video. Data science combines four data handling approaches with the scientific method of reasoning, and it can guide the way you may want to run experiments before making future business decisions. I have much to share, I hope, that is of interest to you and your colleagues.

Rafal explains what is a confusion (classification) matrix

After the overview, let me introduce the most fundamental data science concepts in this 1-hour video: cases (or observations), with their inputs and predictable outputs, descriptive statistics, and the basic tools, including Azure ML, SQL, Excel, R, RStudio, and Rattle. Then, follow it with this 1-hour module, in which I cover the essence of data science: machine learning and its algorithms, modelling and the uber-important model validation. Data science differs from traditional, statistics-driven approach to data analysis in that it extensively uses those algorithms for the detection of patterns that help us build predictive models. Make sure to watch this video before you progress to the ones introducing Azure ML.

Rafal shows an Azure ML modelling experiment

Microsoft Azure ML, or Machine Learning, is a cloud-based platform for designing, developing, testing and deploying predictive models. I can introduce it to you in this 10-minute video, which shows an experiment and a predictive web service in ML Studio. This, however, is just the start of this training course: I already have the next, in-depth module on Azure ML in video post-production, and it should be going live soon.

I won't stop there! I have so much I would like to teach about data science: more about R, validity approaches, some statistics, and of course I have an endless supply of algorithms to dive into, including some cool recommendation engines. Above all, I hope to make it practical and not (too) theoretical, focusing on what data science can do for your business, governance, education, or healthcare. I think I will be quite busy for the whole of the next year (and longer) creating new content for this course.

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Rest well, enjoy friendships, thank you for your kind support, and see you next year.


Rafal Lukawiecki, Strategic Consultant and Director, Project Botticelli Ltd

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