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Chris Webb Makes MDX Easy

27 October 2012 · 1300 views

Multidimensional Expressions by the World SSAS Expert

Technitrain LogoI am very happy to announce that Chris Webb, one of the world’s most read authorities on SQL Server Analysis Services, and a highly respected Multidimensional Expressions geek, has kindly agreed to record a series of training videos focussed on MDX. To start, we have a new tutorial, already available online, introducing the most fundamental, and most important, three concepts: unique names, tuples, and sets. Click here to watch his first, free video. You can also find Chris’s most recent book listed here.

Chris works for Crossjoin Consulting, and he offers excellent, public, in-person MDX training through Technitrain. I’d say if you have a chance to see him live, or work with him in person, you should follow that opportunity. Otherwise, take advantage of our professional, high-quality videos, which include hi-def demos done by Chris himself, and his detailed explanations, delivered in his patient, and very clear style, in front of our camera.

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