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Classroom Practical Data Science with Azure ML, SQL & R Course

5 June 2015 · 6 comments · 886 views

4 Days in Chicago, Dublin, London, Oslo, Stockholm

Student MortarboardPacking decade-long experience of building predictive models, with all of its ups and downs, into 4 days is not easy, but I think I have just-about managed to balance what is possible. Having just delivered the trial version of my new, classroom-based (how old-fashioned!) Practical Data Science with Azure ML, SQL Data Mining, and R course in Stockholm, I am ready to take it around the world. We had a sold-out classroom full of budding and already experienced data scientists, and I think I have managed to get them tired but pleased with how much they have learned. By the way, this is the first in the world, hands-on, 4-day course that covers Azure ML in detail.

The dates, cities, and the full detailed agenda are available here (and all locations had open spaces at the time I posted this article). Here is the listing of the modules (click on it for even more detail):

High-level Agenda for Practical Data Science with Azure ML, R and SSAS Classroom Course

See you out there, in the real world: Chicago, Dublin, London, Oslo and Stockholm are planned for 2015, and I might even squeeze Zurich or Lisbon or Copenhagen into the year. More next year, of course.



oracos · 5 June 2015

Hi Rafal, Congrats on the course!!!! :-) Any plans on making this as as online training?

Rafal Lukawiecki · 5 June 2015

Thank you. And yes, I am 100% committed to having this course online, but it will take some time to edit it into the format suitable for online delivery, and of course to record and produce it. This is my summer-autumn project, I hope it does not take much longer than that. In the meantime, there is already an intro to Azure ML available here.

darrenalpha · 8 June 2015

Hi Rafal,

Have you sold out for all locations? I live in the US and would love to register for the Chicago location. Any seats available for Chicago?


Rafal Lukawiecki · 8 June 2015

Hi Darren, all of the currently advertised locations, including Chicago, are still open for registration. The sold out one was Stockholm (and it sold out very quickly!), which is why we have added the additional places. We will be marketing them over the next two weeks, so if you want to secure a place, go ahead and register before everyone gets the next newsletter. :) See you in Chicago!

tuktukbkk · 22 July 2015

Any plans for the one in Lisbon?

andreaperlato · 20 October 2015

Hi Rafal, are you planing to have a course also in Milan - Italy?