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Common Business Calculations with MDX

25 February 2014 · 886 views

Important MDX Patterns

MDX LogoThere is a group of very common business calculations—previous period growths (are our sales up in comparison to the last quarter?), time-to-date (year-to-date etc) comparisons, percentage shares, and moving averages—that we all require in our reports from time to time. Chris Webb, from Technitrain, world’s undisputed authority on MDX, introduces them in his two newest videos:

You will not only learn about these important business metrics, but you will also study the underlying MDX patterns, including the very useful relative tuple and relative set patterns. You will see in action a whole host of vital MDX functions, including: ParallelPeriod(), PeriodsToDate(), YTD(), QTD(), MTD(), Filter(), NonEmpty(), TopCount(), BottomCount(), TopPercent(), BottomPercent(), Head(), Tail(), Generate(), and the StrToX/XToStr function family.

These newest videos, part of our growing online MDX course, are available to Full Access Members. If you are not a member yet, consider joining for a year, we have been adding content every month! Besides, no one could make MDX any easier than Chris can, and this is the only place you can learn it from him online.