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Launching our Subscription and SQL Server 2012 BI Online Training

14 March 2012 · 760 views

We have just launched our first-ever, paid-for content on, and we are pleased with it. For less than a cost of a taxi to a conference venue, you can learn about what is new in SQL Server 2012 BI in our in-depth, hi-def online course—see its description here. To start, two of the modules are online: Introduction to SQL BI, that covers 10 key BI features, and which includes a good introduction to the concepts of Apache Hadoop and its integration with the Microsoft Application Platform. If you have just attended our live, on-stage BI and Productivity Roadshow you would have already heard this intro from Rafal, and the response, so far, has been very positive, including tweets such as “Thank you for seriously the best explaination of #hadoop principles I have come across on both high level and technical detail”, a comment from the Johannesburg delivery, by @JustinLovell.

The good news is that if you cannot meet us on the road, the online version is not just a second best. Indeed, it will give you even more than the live version, as there are no strict time limits on session durations online, other than your patience (that’s when “Jump to a chapter” feature helps).

The second module, also online, introduces PowerPivot for SQL Server 2012. If you are new to PowerPivot, watching it is a must. If you are a PowerPivot veteran, jump straight to the section on the new features, towards the end of the module. Also, if you are planning to learn about BI Semantic Model, you should follow this module, as every feature discussed here is part of BISM, too. If you are planning to show this technology to your colleagues, you may want to follow, and retrace, the 19 demos of PowerPivot shown in this module.

Two more modules will be published in the next 2–3 weeks [Updated—as of 18 April 2012, we now have all four modules online, check them out here.]: an in-depth Introduction to Power View, and, as you would expect, BI Semantic Model and SSAS, will finish this series for now. For now, as we are planning on adding more content on a monthly basis. Based on the feedback and requests, so far, we know we will be adding content on xVelocity, Advanced Excel Analytics, and a nice introduction to the fundamentals of BI (“what is a dimension”). 

Late spring or early summer, a new course will be published, focusing on Data Mining: from scratch to more advanced algorithm use, with many demos and examples.

The most cost-effective way to get it all, while it happens, is to take our already discounted annual subscription. But don’t wait too long, as our prices will increase soon. If you are not sure, just subscribe for a month, and see for yourself. At the moment, the subscription is not recurring, so you don’t even need to remember to cancel it… But we will remind you when it is time to renew.