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Learn Decision Trees: Two New Modules Published!

29 March 2013 · 954 views

Powerful, yet easy analytics

What are Decision Trees?If you ever wanted to learn decision trees, the most fundamental, easy to build, fast to run, and, above all simple to interpret yet powerful analytical technique, start now! We have just published two new videos on this subject, by Rafal Lukawiecki. In the first, he answers the question What are Decision Trees? with a short, 10-minute demo. The second video, Decision Trees in Depth, goes way into the subject: almost 2 hours of discussing and seeing decision trees in action, covering flattened-data (case-level) trees, nested cases for associative trees, and even regressive decision trees, useful for price elasticity simulation and other powerful—but still easy!—forms of numerical modelling. You will also see the very new, just-introduced, SQL Server Data Tools 2012 in data mining action—the UI is so much neater and cleaner than the old one. Best of all, the first, short video is available free-of-charge to registered members, the second one, 1-hour 55-minute, requires a Full Access Membership:

  1. What are Decision Trees? Free!
  2. Decision Trees in Depth

You will learn not only about the trees, but you will also find out how to use them to make predictions (also known as model scoring) in Excel, and even how to parametrise them. If you ever wanted to know what is Bayesian Dirichlet Equivalent with Uniform Prior, we hope you have the stamina (or use the instant Jump to a chapter links). Enjoy your spring break, if you get it, and go ahead, learn this amazing bit of powerful but easy analytics.