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Learn Time Intelligence

29 August 2013 · 645 views

DAX Makes Time Intelligence Easier

Data Analysis Expressions LogoTime Intelligence is one of the most important subjects in BI—and it sounds cool too! I am very pleased that Alberto Ferrari, best-selling DAX book author, and a respected authority on Analysis Services, has kindly recorded two new videos for our growing learning series on Data Analysis Expressions:

  • What Is Time Intelligence? is a short, 2-min introduction to the subject, and is freely available for everyone to watch, and,
  • DAX: Time Intelligence, is an in-depth, 1-hour video tutorial, containing 5 detailed demos, that will teach you not just about TOTALYTD or TOTALMTD, but also about handling week numbers (including ISO weeks), semi-additive measures (like balances), creating calendar tables, and solving complex date and time scenarios with the CALCULATE function using predefined and custom filters.

That second, in-depth video is only available to Full Access Members. We add new content every month—consider joining for a whole year. We can’t quite promise you will learn how to operate a TARDIS, but you will most certainly know how to make calculations over complex time periods: the essence of Time Intelligence.