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17 July 2020 · 323 views

5 days of Azure ML, 5 days of R & SQL

The world has changed so much since February 2020… Without even touching on the far more important matters of life and health, so much is changing. Travel is hard. In-person, classroom courses are too risky, and people need to be closer to home for many reasons. On the other hand, this is a good time to study and learn the things you always wanted to know. However, I strongly believe that simply delivering a traditional course over videoconferencing, aka death-by-Zoom is not productive at all.

For all those reasons we have made a decision to postpone all of my in-person courses until summer 2021—I hope this is a form of optimism. In the meantime, to satisfy the demand for my live machine learning courses, I have redesigned them for the new mode of learning. In short: every student gets direct support, in small groups of 2–3, or 1–1 when needed, lectures, full of live demos (with all their entertaining accidents etc), are half-day, and the rest of the day is lab work. Above all, you get my and your own focus on the topic for a full 5 days, giving you a good chance to immerse in this rich, complex, and a very interesting subject.

Join me in November to learn:

All data, VMs etc will be provided by us, but students can keep it, as it will run on your own Azure account. You can book the courses on our site, and we are happy to offer POs/quotes/pro-forma invoices if you need to get an approval from a manager—or from your other half! Contact us, if you have any questions, please.

I think this will be a good way to learn. I really want everyone to succeed.