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Marco Russo Knows His DAX

16 August 2012 · 1121 views

Project Botticelli Welcomes DAX Experts

I would like to thank Marco Russo, a renowned expert on SQL Server Analysis Services and a Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) guru, for agreeing to record a series of educational videos for our site, on which he has collaborated with Alberto Ferrari. For those of you who don’t know them, Marco and Alberto consult for

When not consulting, Marco speaks at conferences, such as: TechEd, PASS, SQLBits, delivers training courses, and writes books, including the one co-written with another luminary of the SSAS world, Chris Webb (see his blog): Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services: The BISM Tabular Mode.

If you are interested in becoming an expert on Data Analysis Expressions, Marco would suggest you start at the very beginning, by learning the difference between calculated columns and measures. They can be used for similar purposes, but they also have great differences, notably in terms of performance in certain uses. Watch Marco’s video that explains it: DAX: Calculated Columns vs. Measures to discover it for yourself. This 10-minute video is free—just like Alberto’s DAX in Action!

Soon, we will launch the first full-length training module introducing all the DAX fundamentals. That module will be only available to our Full Access Members. Join today, as our currently low, introductory prices will go up a little bit, later this year. And since we have just celebrated our 1st Website Birthday, please take advantage of a special 10% discount—use code 1stBIRTHDAY at checkout, but hurry, this code is valid only until the end of August 2012.