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Microsoft Business Analytics Roadshow 2013 Dates

11 January 2013 · 2806 views

BI, Analytics, and Big Data Seminars

I’m pleased to announce the schedule of our 6th Annual Business Intelligence Roadshow, focused on business analytics. I am delighted that Microsoft have decided to sponsor it once more, for the 10th year running.

The 2013 seminars and roundtables will discuss:

  • Business analytics in the new world of data—a strategic perspective of the data (re)volution that we are presently enjoying,
  • big data analytics—introducing the concepts of Hadoop and its relationship to Microsoft and traditional data warehousing,
  • hybrid IT for BI—covering the use of the various clouds vs. in-house datacentres for delivering BI,
  • advanced analytics—data mining, tabular analysis, and geospatial analysis, bearing in mind that advanced does not need to mean difficult!

We will focus on the very newest SQL Server 2012 SP1 (and whatever might lie ahead), SharePoint 2013, Office 2013, and Office 365. However, our seminars are never product-focused: we aim to give you a competitive edge, by explaining how you can deliver value to your organisation with the newest technologies in the world of leading business intelligence and analytics.

Detailed agendas vary for each location, as they have been customised for each audience. Microsoft handles all logistics for the events, please contact your local subsidiary to register, and to review the final plan for the day. If anything is not clear, contact us, and we will let you know who is the person in charge of the event in your country. Please note, that all dates, times, and content are subject to change at the last minute, so that we can respond to any announcements and technology developments. It is possible that more locations might be added to the schedule—we are working on that! Check here from time to time, register for our newsletter, or follow me on Twitter.

  • Gothenburg, Sweden: 15 January 2013
  • Stockholm, Sweden: 17 January 2013
  • Lisbon, Portugal: 22 January 2013
  • Madrid, Spain: 23 January 2013
  • Brussels, Belgium: 29 January 2013
  • Helsinki, Finland: 5 February 2013
  • Oslo, Norway: 7–8 March 2013
  • Vienna, Austria: 12 March 2013
  • Zurich, Switzerland: 8 May 2013

As always, all of the slide material is going to be available for download from here (for free and full access members only), and we will record new videos about the new abilities of the platform, which you will find here. Make sure you register to get our newsletter.

Let me share a personal reflection with you. This will be the 10th annual Project Botticelli roadshow, since we started them in 2004. I have had the honour of meeting 3000–7000 attendees worldwide, each year. By now, I have met 50,000 of world’s BI professionals. My first public conference session—about Commerce Interchange Pipeline!—took place at Microsoft TechEd, in Nice, France, in 1998. Since that date I have presented in front of almost 75,000 attendees. It is very humbling to me, every time someone decides to attend one of my presentations—thank you for considering it, very much indeed, for the 10th year running.

Page last updated 25 January 2013: Denmark event removed from the list as it is by-invitation only, and oversubscribed.