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Microsoft Business Analytics Roadshow 2014

1 April 2014 · 6 comments · 4877 views

am pleased to announce the schedule of our 7th annual business analytics roadshow, and I am very grateful that Microsoft have sponsored our roadshows for 11 years.

The 2014 seminars and roundtables include the following sessions:

  • From data to business advantage—a strategic perspective of the current state of business analytics and real-world data science,
  • Power BI—introducing the newest, cloud-based, mobile-ready, user-focused technology for analytics from Microsoft,
  • Big data analytics—covering the key concepts, and the way to utilise the technology of Azure HDInsight, Hortonworks Data Platform for Windows, and Parallel Data Warehouse,
  • Advanced analytics—special focus on my deepest area of specialisation, predictive analytics with data mining, including the newest innovation, always bearing in mind that advanced is not difficult.

I will focus on the very newest Power BI in Office 365 and in Office 2013, SQL Server 2014, HDInsight, Analytics Platform System (incl. Parallel Data Warehouse), SharePoint 2013, and a few, as-of-today super-secret subjects, provided they have been formally released by the date of each event (Microsoft, please no delays). However, my seminars are never product-focused: I aim to give you a competitive edge, by explaining how you can make your organisation more successful thanks to the newest technologies from the world of BI.

Detailed agendas vary for each location, as they have been customised for each audience. Microsoft handles all logistics for the events, please contact your local subsidiary to register, and to review the final plan for the day. If anything is not clear, contact us, and we will let you know who is the person in charge of the event in your country. Please note, that all dates, times, and content are subject to change at the last minute, so that we can respond to any announcements and technology developments. It is possible that more locations might be added to the schedule. Check back here, register for our newsletter, or follow me on Twitter.

  • Helsinki, Finland: 12 February 2014
  • Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, at SharePoint Conference 2014: 2 March 2014
  • Gothenburg, Sweden: 11 March 2014
  • Stockholm, Sweden: 13 March 2014
  • Zurich, Switzerland: 21 March 2014
  • Oslo, Norway: 26–28 March 2014
  • Copenhagen, Denmark: 8–9 April 2014
  • Barcelona, Spain, at European SharePoint Conference 2014: 5 May 2014
  • Vienna, Austria: 15 May 2014
  • Johannesburg, South Africa: 11 June 2014
  • Dublin, Ireland: 18 June 2014
  • Birmingham, United Kingdom: 24 June 2014

All of the PPT material is available for download from here (for free and full access members only), and we will record new videos (covering Power BI) about the new abilities of the platform, which you will find here. Make sure you register to get our newsletter.

Since I have started delivering my annual seminars in 2004, I have had the honour of meeting 3000–7000 attendees worldwide, each year. As of today, I have met 55,000 of world’s BI professionals, and I have presented in front of almost 80,000 attendees. Thank you for considering attending one of my seminars, very much, indeed.



georgelichen · 10 February 2014

Looking forward to your great presentations!!! :)

Ilza Lindeque · 22 May 2014

No Cape Town, South Africa event? :(

Rafal Lukawiecki · 8 June 2014

Ilza, I'm sorry too... I wish we had a Cape Town event, but I am glad to have made it to Jo'burg this year, at the last minute. With luck, Western Cape next year.

darahogan · 18 June 2014

Just back at my desk after the Dublin presentation at Microsoft. Fantastic presentation Rafal, My head is still buzzing. Love the Q and A feature and can't want to get started implementing Power BI. Thanks.

Nyree Blackhall · 18 June 2014

Great presentation in Dublin this morning - your enthusiasm is infectious Rafal! As an Excel Power user I will be seeking an upgrade from our IT Dept ASAP I can't wait to get stuck in to these wonderful new features!

Rafal Lukawiecki · 18 June 2014

Nyree, Dara, many thanks for your kind comments, it was a pleasure meeting you. I am glad I have managed to excite you about Power BI Q&A and the overall impact this technology will have on people’s ability to “connect the dots” all by themselves. See you next time, stay in touch, please, and thanks for registering, much appreciated.