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New Course: The Future Series

21 March 2019 · 232 views

By Rafal Lukawiecki and Chris Webb

I am happy to announce that we have just launched our new video course: The Future Series (2019). It focuses on our, that is Chris Webb’s and mine, Rafal Lukawiecki’s, view of the future of the technologies related to AI, BI, data science, machine learning, data and knowledge mining—basically, the areas that we have specialised for a long time. We aimed it at IT decision makers and those interested in the technologies’ future, its risks and rewards.

In the first three videos of the series I cover AI and ML, while Chris’s video, fourth, focuses on the Future of Power BI.

The first two videos, from me, are free. In the first I explain What is Artificial Intelligence?, before diving into one of my biggest concerns in What is Artificial Stupidity?—the subject that causes me to worry about the future. I fear bad AI not because it is somehow omnipotent and evil-minded, but because it is powerful and stupid: autonomous cars mysteriously driving themselves into a parked fire truck on the side of the road… See my videos for more examples of such lack of intelligence. If you would like to know how to avoid those risks, watch my third, full-length video The Future of AI—How to Avoid Artificial Stupidity, in which I explain how to combine some of the best of the past of AI, notably programming in logic, even languages such as Lisp or Prolog, with the best of today’s machine learning. Building good AI will cost us more than building artificial stupidity, I am afraid, because the latter is quite cheap.

Chris’s The Future of Power BI looks into the future of this now very popular Microsoft BI technology. Chris talks about the very interesting stage of development in Power BI, when it is reaching for the needs of enterprises, and, well, it is trying to grow up by borrowing some of BI’s traditions. I think what Chris is talking about, and what I am doing in ML and AI, will intertwine even more in the near future.

I will be covering AI in Power BI because some very interesting things are happening there. Starting with the simple (but powerful) Key Influencer analysis tool in the most recent Power BI, the Microsoft team are focused on bringing intelligent data science advanced analytics, even machine learning, to the users. I will record a video about it soon.

Actually, we plan to bring you regular video updates on a quarterly basis, some short, some longer. This series is available, like all of our content, to Full Access Subscribers (at no additional cost) or you can purchase it on its own. New modules will be added till end of 2019, and a new series will be offered in 2020. I hope you like this new idea how to provide additional value to our subscribers, and a relatively inexpensive way to get it for those who prefer to buy each course outright, for its lifetime.

Thanks for watching—please share your feedback, it would be much appreciated. You can leave comments under the videos, or email me.


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