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New Course: SSAS Cube Design with Chris Webb!

26 February 2015 · 543 views

Learn cubes from the SSAS world-expert

Multidimensional cube logoI am very pleased to announce that we have just launched our newest online training course: SSAS Cube Design. It focuses on the project-based approach towards building OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) multidimensional cubes, which are a very mature and an immensely powerful method for analysing large, hierarchical warehouses of time-based data, such as fiscal results of a corporation. While there are newer, easier ways to construct analytical tabular (not cube-like) models using SSAS, cubes still hold their ground in certain cases, such as when you plan to use parent-child relationships, exercise granular control over cube updates and security, or if you need to add complex calculations that are possible with MDX (Multidimensional Expressions) language, the de-facto OLAP standard. In short: cubes are often more powerful than anything else.

Chris Webb, from Technitrain, is the world-expert on SSAS cubes. He has written books, posted over 10-years worth of insightful articles on his widely-read blog, and he has even advised the SSAS product team at Microsoft on numerous occasions. I am very honoured to host Chris’s newest course, as well as his other content, notably the companion course on MDX, and his modules on Power Query in the Power BI course.

Get started with these two newest modules, while we are adding more over the next few months:

  1. Using the Deployment Wizard 5-min Free!
  2. Using SQL Server Data Tools-BI 40-min
  3. …more in March and later on

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