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New ML and Data Science Classroom Courses

12 February 2020 · 3 comments · 369 views

Azure ML & R in ML Server

I am offering two new classroom courses in 2020: one focused solely on the newest version of Azure Machine Learning while the second one focuses on machine learning and data science using the powerful R language in Microsoft ML Server and SQL Azure/Server.

Microsoft Azure ML Logo Having trained over 900 data scientists in the last few years I have seen that there is a need for two types of machine learning experts. The first group are those who prefer to work quicker and broader, for whom the new Azure ML—especially with the visual designer and Automated ML—is very well suited. They can still dive into code: Python is popular, but many languages are supported by Azure ML. Importantly, Azure ML offers a panoply of web-based deployment technologies to this group.

The R Logo is © 2016 The R Foundation The second group, a little smaller than the first one, are those who need to be doing more data science than pure machine learning, and who perhaps need to live on the deeper end of it, especially when dealing with classical, that is not just image or text data sets. For them, R is the best choice at present, and in combination with Microsoft ML Server and SQL ML Services they can get incredible performance and scalability both during model training and when deployed, even beating anything you could do using Azure ML. Ideally, however, you would know both approaches, as they are complementary.

Naturally, this meant I needed to create two new courses, please find out more about both of them, including the available dates and prices.

By the way, I often get asked how do my courses differ from the Microsoft’s “official” ones. The key difference is that I actually teach data science and machine learning using Azure ML, R and ML Server. Microsoft courses assume that you already know data science of machine learning quite well and that you just want to learn how to use your existing skills in Azure ML. Besides, my courses are up-to-date as I constantly refresh them, before each and every delivery—Azure ML changes often and a lot.

If you want to learn machine learning and data science using Microsoft technologies you should attend my courses. I hope to see you soon.


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suhailali · 17 March 2020

Any plans to hold these courses on-line?

Rafal Lukawiecki · 17 March 2020

Yes! Thanks for asking. I am planning to both have a recorded version of the course, later in the year, and to hold a live, online version. It is early stage of planning, because the situation is changing, but I will make an announcement both here, and via our newsletter. Please contact me by email ( if you would like to be put on the (growing) list of people who have requested live online courses.

Rafal Lukawiecki · 17 July 2020

As the world has changed, I have just re-designed these courses for the tutored, online, live format. Please have a look at the updated listing for more information about them. They will take place this November, 2020. Thanks again, @Suhailali, for asking.