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New Power BI Course from Chris on our New Web Site!

24 November 2017 · 426 views

9 Months in the Making

Following 9+ months of development and engineering, I am happy to say that we have a new online training web site! We launched it this morning. It has a brand-new, super-geeked-out backend, a fresh and a clean front, and, above all, more ways for you to stay focused while you study advanced analytics and data science with us.

To celebrate the occasion, we are launching Chris Webb’s newest course, today. Some 9 hours of modern, current-version Power BI from the world-expert of analytics and data modelling. The first module is free, pop in, please, and just see for yourself how easy and enjoyable learning from Chris is:

I am happy to say that we have managed to stay true to our 6-year promise of not cluttering the site with advertising. We have never used external analytics (naturally! —we use our own based on Piwik), and we will not sell your data. This means we also have a new business model: you can now buy courses—for their lifetime—and you still can buy an annual membership that gives you access to everything. We also sell access for teams. More innovation is coming to over the next few weeks and months. I hope you will enjoy it. 

If you find any niggles with the site, ping me please. We know that there are playback issues with most Androids, which we will fix in the next few weeks—for now, requesting the “desktop” variant of the site is a workaround on them. Other than that, it should be all faster, easier, and better.

Thank you for your support.