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New Video: From ML to Security AI

4 October 2019 · 304 views

Unexplored intersection of security and data science

I have just published a new, 42-minute video: Machine Learning for IT Security: From ML to Security AI.

It is a gently-edited recording of a live webinar that took place this week in which we explored the still rarely-discussed themes of connecting security needs to the abilities of machine learning and AI. I have previously discussed those subjects with Hugh Simpson-Wells, a highly-respected security and identity management expert from Oxford Computer Training, and a long-term colleague of mine. That video interview is also available here. These shorter videos are part of our The Future Series (2019), which I hope to keep updating regularly, to keep bringing you subjects that are of strategic interest, while, perhaps, a little bit on the bleeding edge of our industry.

If you are not in the mood for a video, have a look at the article that I wrote, which appears further down this page.

I wish you success in ML and AI, especially in building systems that whilst becoming increasingly autonomous, remain ethical, legal, and morally acceptable.