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New Video Tutorial by Marco: Querying with DAX

30 January 2013 · 2329 views

DAX is for more than just calculations

DAX LogoMarco Russo, renowned for his deep knowledge of Data Analysis Expressions (DAX), a book author on the subject, and a consultant with has just published his newest video, Querying with DAX, part of our online DAX learning series. In this 46–minute video, which includes 7 detailed demos, Marco shows you how to use DAX for querying a data model, which is useful for building reports or creating advanced Excel tables. Typically, you would use DAX for building calculations, such as new fields or measures, but it turns out that the DAX langauge lends itself well to powerful—and fast—queries, that previously would have required you to use MDX, or T-SQL.

Follow this video to learn about EVALUATE, CALCULATETABLE, SUMMARIZE, ROLLUP, ADDCOLUMNS, and ROW functions, amongst other topics. See how to use DAX Studio, a free add-in for Excel, to test your expressions, and how to use other tools available for writing DAX queries, even when using DAX in an MDX query.

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