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Practical Data Science Course Launched!

11 December 2014 · 2 comments · 540 views

Data Science for Business

Data science logoI am delighted to launch our newest online training course: Practical Data Science, which focuses on the application of this young discipline to business, governance, healthcare and education. Two modules are already online, three are in post-productions, and we have many more planned for release in 2015. This course, naturally, extensively discusses Azure Machine Learning, but it also covers R, SQL, and some Excel and Python—all from the perspective of data science:

  1. Data Science for Business Free!
  2. Data Science Concepts: Cases and Statistics

This has been my longest-planned and the most-asked-for course, and I hope to be extending it at least into 2016. Since I have been focusing on data science under its many previous guises for over ten years, I feel happy about doing it for another decade. The best way to learn it all is to get our 1-year membership. To celebrate the launch, we are offering a 15% discount, valid until the end of 2014. Use code 2014DS at checkout. Make sure to register in any case, to get my irregular newsletter.



aneesh · 11 December 2014

Looks very promising. Quality of the materials, no doubt they are excellent. Hope you will narrow down the timeline for releasing the videos also. Renewing my account :)

Rafal Lukawiecki · 12 December 2014

Thanks, Aneesh. There will be 2-3 more videos out this month, completing the data science concepts (in the next one) and intro to Azure ML (the following short and a very long one.) The subsequent videos will be out in earlyish 2015. It takes some 3-man-weeks of work for each 1 hour of finished video, so the workload is pretty high, and we also want to launch a new Chris Webb course in January—it will focus on designing multidimensional cubes. But one thing is clear to me, that is that I will be releasing DS material for a long time to come, as there is just so much to cover! It is likely this course may need to fork into several strands at some, much later point in time. Thank you for renewing, we do appreciate it very much.