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Predictions for 2020: Future of ML and BI, Microsoft and Elsewhere

24 December 2019 · 398 views

The Decade Ends

As is custom at a decade’s end, I have been working on making some predictions about the future of our industry, focusing on machine learning, data science, BI and artificial intelligence. I have just published two new videos:

The first, free video, looks at the broader technology landscape and issues that affected us and will shape 2020 and beyond. The second video focuses on Microsoft Azure ML—the very new Azure ML that came out just about two weeks ago. I also talk about ML Server and SQL Server ML Services. If you like reading, make sure to have a look at the two essays underneath each of those videos, they are designed to give you more context.

I will run two new classes on those topics next year, and I also plan to offer new Azure ML online training. Make sure you subscribe to my newsletter—tick the check box at the bottom of your My Account/Edit page if you have not done that yet.