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Presenting at SharePoint Conference 2011

12 September 2011 · 1108 views

October: 2–3 Anaheim & 17–19 Berlin

Rafal is presenting at both of the US and European Microsoft SharePoint Conferences this year. In addition to delivering breakout sessions, he will present a full one-day pre-conference seminar focussed on BI, called “Enable Better Decision Making with Microsoft Business Intelligence”.

I'm Speaking at Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2011You can review the PPT slides for the seminar here, but bear in mind that 70% of the delivery is based on pure demos, so the slides alone do not reflect the full breadth of those seminars. We plan to offer video recordings of this material to paid subscribers later this year—make sure you have registered on the web site to be notified when this sought-after content has been uploaded.

To read the agendas and to find out about those conferences:

  • Click here for the Microsoft SharePoint Conference, Anaheim, California
  • Click here for the European SharePoint Conference, Berlin, Germany

See you there, or see you online, later.