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Pricing Changes in July 2015

17 June 2015 · 857 views

We have kept our simple pricing model unchanged for almost three years. We have learned a lot about what our members need and like. I had many discussions with content authors to keep bringing you the very best quality, in-depth, professionally produced, studio-recorded video training. To keep authors motivated to create new content, and to offer you significant additional value, we will be making two sets of changes to our pricing model in 2015, and perhaps in very early 2016. We will increase some membership prices, introduce new options, and allow individual courses to be purchased without buying a membership. Importantly, all existing memberships will be fully respected for their duration: so if you buy or renew a Full Access Membership, nothing will change for you while your membership is valid.

I also promise that I will let you know, by posting here and via our newsletter (make sure you are a subscriber), before any changes took place, to give you an option to renew at current prices. Remember: if you renew, your new membership always extends your existing one, so you can renew well ahead of its expiry, and if you use code RENEWAL you also benefit from your special, existing-member discount, but only while your membership is still valid.

Above all, I want you to be always fully informed, without any surprises. We will not sacrifice your learning experience by relying on advertising revenues, nor will we share or sell your data. I care that everything remains fair, transparent, and easy to understand.

Before we announce the later changes, we will be modifying the existing pricing in July/August 2015:

  • 1 Month (Individual and Group) Full Access Memberships will be no longer available from August 2015, however, all the already purchased ones, including any valid but still unredeemed 1-month group memberships will be fully respected and they will work as they have done before.
  • 3 Months Full Access Membership will be replaced with a longer, 6 Months Full Access Membership in July/August 2015. I expect it to be priced at about US $190 (plus applicable taxes).
  • 1 Year Full Access Membership will remain unchanged, for now, at US $290.

I hope to announce the second stage of pricing changes in the late summer (northern) of 2015. If you have any questions or suggestions, I would gladly welcome your feedback: please email me or use the contact page.

Thank you for your continuing support: we all appreciate it, very much.