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Speaking at Ignite 2017

15 September 2017 · 1 comment · 522 views

Data science, AI, and p-values

I will be presenting three sessions in Orlando, FL, at this year’s Microsoft Ignite conference. If you are going, please meet me—it is always a pleasure to chat with my customers, both online and offline ones. I will present:

This is a huge event, with some 20k people attending. Plan your sessions in advance using the online scheduler, and get ready for a lot of walking!

See you in Florida, weather permitting, that is.


PS. If you are a bit of a geek/nerd, do make your way to the Kennedy Space Center for an in-depth tour. Breathtaking piece of history, some of the best from our near-past.

Microsoft Ignite 2017


aneesh · 1 October 2017

Hi Rafal,

Liked all your Ignite sessions!
Waiting for new video courses (your 5 days data science/AI courses) via online.