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Welcome Ben Watt: See Ben's Power View Modules

2 June 2015 · 343 views

Ben Wat PhotoI am pleased to welcome our newest author, Ben Watt, who will be helping you solve user-faced Power BI dilemmas. Ben is skilled at explaining things slowly and very patiently, taking the perspective of a beginning user, whilst covering the subject fully. His first modules focus on the current version of Power View in Excel 2013, and they are part of our existing Power BI online course. I expect Ben will record additional modules on Power BI, providing a nice introduction to the subject. If you are looking for one, or if you know someone in your company who needs a good intro to it, look no further than:

As Microsoft are reengineering Power BI quite substantially, we will take a pause from publishing more Power BI modules until the newer version is more complete. However, our existing modules, which cover Power Query, Q&A, now Power View and the existing version of Power Pivot and DAX make a complete course for those of you interested in using it in Excel 2013, Office 365, or with SharePoint 2013. Don’t wait for the new version if you have a task at hand: the current one is pretty capable and valuable.