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What is the Value of Advanced Analytics, Cortana, Machine Learning etc?

6 October 2015 · 1 comment · 562 views

I have just published an essay on the value and the meaning of advanced analytics, machine learning, and data science. It directly relates to the value proposition of what we do as data scientists and I hope it can help some of you explain, and maybe sell, your services and skills to the often hesistant business decision makers. While I wrote this article thinking of Cortana Analytics Suite, it is by no means related to any technology in particular. I look forward to your feedback:

If you would like to explore data science from a practical perspective with me, make sure, please, to attend one of my upcoming Practical Data Science with Cortana Analytics 4-day hands-on classroom-based courses, available in London, Oslo, Stockholm, Zurich, Chicago and (just added!) Copenhagen—this is the very first such course in the world, by anyone. See you in the real world!



jschenker · 4 November 2015

What do you think about Project Oxford?