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Next Year in Machine Learning, Data Science, AI and BI

ML, BI, DS, and AI Trends that Shaped 2019

The trends that shaped 2019 and predictions for the future of machine learning and analytics. Why you should abandon Hadoop, brush up on statistics and obsess less about technology.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

What is Artificial Intelligence?

This video introduces the history of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and explains how it can be implemented using Machine Learning.

What is Artificial Stupidity?

What is Artificial Stupidity?

Artificial Intelligence of today easily becomes Artificial Stupidity. This short video explains its dangers, and suggests when it is OK to use AI.

Microsoft Machine Learning Technologies: View Towards 2020

New Azure Machine Learning: Performance Metrics

What is new in the new Azure Machine Learning? What is changing in the rest of the Microsoft machine learning platform, notably ML Server and SQL Server ML Services, the 2019 Big Data Clusters, and frameworks: Automated ML, ML.NET, MicrosoftML, RevoScale, and MLLSpark? You will also see an overview of the popularity of non-Microsoft tools in this video—make sure to read the essay, under the video, too.

Machine Learning for Security Applications: Why?

Hugh Simpson-Wells Interviews Rafal Lukawiecki about Machine Learning

This interview with Rafal Lukawiecki and Hugh Simpson-Wells discusses applications of machine learning for IT security purposes, including: authentication, authorisation, log analysis, and breach prevention.

The Future of AI—How to Avoid Artificial Stupidity

The Future of AI—How to Avoid Artificial Stupidity

In this detailed video I explain how to get started in building not just good AI, but, above all, the kind that avoids the risks of artificial stupidity, by combining several powerful approaches: machine learning, programming in logic, and modern data.

Machine Learning for IT Security: From ML to Security AI

Security Artificial Intelligence

This video explains how to get started with machine learning for IT security purposes, leading to powerful, potentially dangerous, autonomous Security AI systems.