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Dashboards and Scorecards with Microsoft SQL Server and SharePoint Server

21 October 2011 · 6 comments · 12091 views

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PerformancePoint Services and PivotViewer

From an attractive, composite dashboard consisting of performance management scorecards, and reports, to the highly visual PivotViewer, this video introduces the world of dashboards running on Microsoft BI platform, focussing on SharePoint Server PerformancePoint Services and SQL Server.

An interesting form of analysis, known as Root-Cause analysis, is shown in this video (01:11). See how just right-clicking on a bar of data, and selecting the Decomposition Tree option, leads to an intuitive way to cross-drill data (in our case rate of churn) by different dimensions or attributes.

Providing the user of a dashboard this level of interactivity is not difficult to accomplish, thanks to the PerformancePoint Services Dashboard Designer, also shown in the video (02:16).

For an even more interactive experience, you should consider using the visually amazing, and free, PivotViewer (03:00). It combines analytics with data, product, or item visualisations that use real-world, high-resolution images, in conjunction with Deep Zoom technology. If you are interested in using this tool, you may want to embed it in SQL Server Reporting Services by means of the free PivotViewer Extension for Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.