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What is Microsoft Power View? Purchase this course

24 May 2015 · 1751 views

Ben Watt shows a Power View dashboard

Ben Watt introduces you to Microsoft Power View in this short, 10-minute video. Log-in or get a free account to watch it!

Getting the most out of your business data is easier when you can interact with the visualisations you have created, for example to explore trends and to monitor outliers.

By connecting to data loaded into the Excel data model, or connecting to SQL Server Analysis Services, Power View enables a rapid way to build custom dashboards, combining various types of tables, line and bar charts and intuitive map views. The charts and tables can be resized and moved easily. You are able to interact with your report at any time, even while you are still creating it.

Slicers let you quickly filter your report to create custom views, and they are very useful when looking for trends and outliers.

If you want to learn more about this reporting tool, please follow Ben’s Power View In Depth module, and take advantage of the provided sample Excel workbook.

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