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Become Really Good at Selecting Data in Excel

31 October 2013 · 599 views

Carmel's Newest Video to Improve Our Excel Skills

Carmel Gunn, Data Specialist from Prodata SQL Centre of Excellence has just published her newest video tutorial: Selecting, Filtering, and Sorting Data in Excel, and it is the third module in her online course aimed at making us all experts at using Excel efficiently, especially when dealing with organisational BI data, such as when we consume multidimensional cubes or tabular models.

I bet that not many of us realise just how many ways there are in Excel to select data! In this 48-minute module she explains in detail and shows in her to-the-point demos: basic and advanced filtering, range selections, pivot table filtering, date and context filtering, sorting, ranking, grouping, slicing (including timelines), creating user-defined sets, and advanced data navigation. Make sure to watch her first video in the series, Excel BI: Basic Concepts, if you are new to the area (or if you are not, but would like to get even better at it).