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In-depth Azure ML Video Published!

29 January 2015 · 2 comments · 445 views

Model, Validate, Deploy!

Data science logoI have just published an in-depth, 1-hour 40-minute, demo-rich video that overviews every aspect of Azure Machine Learning: from the overall process and steps of machine learning, through data preparation, modelling, validation and testing, preparing and deploying as a web service, and testing the service using Azure ML API with a little bit of Python code. This newest module is part of our growing online course on data science

If you are new to this area, please have a look at the What is Azure ML free video, and the remaining ones in this course.

I recommend you also have a look at the companion technology, SQL Server data mining course, as it explains in much detail some of the key concepts of modelling, including various approaches to validity testing. Above all, make sure you register to get updates when we add new data science, Azure ML, and R videos.



hxy0135 · 2 February 2015

Dear Rafal,
I logged in to my account. But I do not see the video. I had thought it might be browser problem, so I tried Chrome and IE, I do not see the video at all on both browsers.

Is there any problem with my account?

Thank you,

Rafal Lukawiecki · 2 February 2015

Dear Hua, your account is in good standing and you are a Full Access Member so you should be able to see the video when you navigate to this page. The video is working when I tested, and none of the monitoring systems are reporting issues. I will contact you by email to help you troubleshoot the issue. In the meantime, please accept my apologies for any difficulty that you are experiencing—everything should be working flawlessly.