DAX: Data Analysis Expressions (Course)

Data Analysis Expressions, DAX, is the language of Power Pivot, Excel Data Models, and SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) Tabular Mode. Five videos are free to watch! The remaining, full-length, demo-rich tutorials, over 6 hours in total, by Alberto Ferrari and Marco Russo, are available only to Full Access Members.

Course Modules

  1. DAX in Action! 20-min Free!
  2. Calculated Columns vs. Measures 10-min Free!
  3. Introduction to DAX 35-min
  4. Evaluation Context 50-min
  5. CALCULATE Function 45-min
  6. Querying with DAX 45-min
  7. What Is Time Intelligence? 3-min Free!
  8. Time Intelligence in Depth 1-hour
  9. Many-to-many Relationships in DAX 3-min Free!
  10. DAX Patterns: Banding, New vs Old, Many-to-many 50-min
  11. How to Calculate with Hierarchies in DAX? 2-min Free!
  12. Hierarchies in DAX 55-min
  13. DAX AW Sample Data Set (PowerPivot workbook)

Recommended Power BI Modules

  1. What is Microsoft Power BI? 15-min Free!
  2. Introducing Microsoft Power BI 1-hour 10-min

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cmaier · 31 July 2015