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Introduction to DAX Purchase this course

23 November 2017 · 1 comment · 2379 views

Mastering DAX Workshop

This 1-hour, free video introduces you to the language of DAX: Data Analysis Expressions. Watch it to get a feel for the power of this language, and to see it in action, in many of the detailed, live demos that this workshop offers. Log-in or get a free account to watch it! Learn from the undisputed masters of DAX: Alberto Ferrari and Marco Russo.

Starting with the syntax and the data types, you will see the difference between a calculated column and a measure (also called Calculated Field, in Excel terminology). It is important to follow the naming conventions and and to understand when to use measures rather than
calculated columns.

You will also discover the most commonly used functions in DAX for error handling, aggregating numbers and for countng values.
Other functions covered are logical functions, SWITCH, information functions, MIN and MAX, mathematical functions,

You will also learn the syntax of variables, which have been introduced in DAX for Power BI Desktop, Excel 2016, and Analysis Services 2016.
Finally, you will quickly review rounding, text, and date functions and relational functions.

At the end of this module, you should practice with Lab 1.

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Chamdan · 18 February 2020

Well done presentation! very clear, thanks for sharing. two thumbs up.