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25 November 2017 · 461 views

Mastering DAX Workshop

The difference between scalar and table functions is that the former returns a single value, the latter returns a table of one or more columns and one or more rows. In this section, you will see the most important table functions in DAX, which are important for internal computations, and are useful when you write a DAX query instead of a DAX expression for a measure or a calculated column:

FILTER Function
ALL Function
Mixing Filters
ISEMPTY Function

The learning goal of this module is to introduce you to the notion of table functions and to quickly describe the most important ones, but not to provide a detailed explanation of all the functions yet, as that happens in the later modules. Above all, you will see the interaction between tables and relationships and how to create calculated tables.

Finally, you should practice with LabĀ 2.

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